3 Day Adventure to Marfa and McDonald Observatory

3 Day Adventure to Marfa and McDonald Observatory
3 Day Adventure to Marfa and McDonald Observatory

I took the kids to Marfa and McDonald Observatory and can’t recommend this trip enough.  It is an easy 6.5 hour drive Austin (we stopped in Junction and Fort Stockton for breaks) and you can be as laid back or adventurous as you want.

Marfa is pretty quiet on Mondays, but that worked out great for us.  We did kid things like draw pictures of our teepee, look for Pokemon, and suffered through some pictures.  We ate outside at Jett’s Grill and looked up at the stars.  Benny got really car sick on the way out and didn’t want to take the 10 minute drive to the Marfa Mystery Lights.  On Tuesday we took our time waking up and had breakfast at Squeeze Marfa.  We then drove to Prada Marfa and I wish I would have taken a video of the kids because they had 80,000 questions and it was hilarious. From there we drove up to Fort Davis.  Everett wanted to stop every 10 seconds to take landscape pictures.  It’s a pretty drive if beautiful landscapes are your thing. We ate lunch in Fort Davis at the Fort Davis Drug Store and Hotel and were able to check into our hotel early for showers and naps. We had sandwiches from Stone Tourist Camp Market and got ready to go to the Star Party at The McDonald Observatory.

GO TO THE STAR PARTY. It is the best place in the United States to few the night sky and it’s breathtaking.  Recommended for kids that can be quiet for 30-45 minutes, can deal with being up until 10:30, and won’t touch the telescopes.  Also, dress for the cold. We wore our winter coats, hats, and gloves because it’s been in the mid 80’s in ATX and 45 degrees felt chilly.

Wednesday morning we grabbed some breakfast tacos and drove back to Austin.  I wish we would have stayed one more day to get in a good hike at Davis Mountain State Park, but I’m already planning a return trip in the spring.