Bullet Journals and Homeschool

I have been bullet journaling since I was in high school by drawing calendars into my notebook (soccer practice, theater, tests, papers, color guard, sleepovers, etc) , creating epic to-do lists (homework, studying, write a note back to bff, clean out my locker, etc) and journaling my day in list form (what I did, who I was with, and teenage drama like who started dating).  As a dreamer that loves to get stuff done I am all about efficiency, crossing items off a to-do list, journaling, and setting goals.  And just like exercise, sleep, and a healthy diet – I need creative time to feel emotionally healthy.  I made bullet journal templates for my kids and I’m sharing them with you.

Reflecting on your day/week/month/year leads to perspective and perspective cultivates mindfulness.  Go ahead and roll your eyes at me, but I know 10 minutes of anger, frustration, and mommy guilt is only 10 minutes and doesn’t define my entire day.  I want my kids to know the same.  Yes, some days are really hard.  We will have hard seasons too.  When the kids are calm we can talk about their feelings throughout the day.  If we need to go back and talk about something we can because the moment has passed and emotions are no longer elevated. And honestly, even if they had 80,000 meltdowns throughout the day they will usually own those feelings and choose happy, loved, or safe. For example, “I got really mad at sibling and then I got really mad at you for being mean, but I had a happy day because of blah blah blah.”
Here is our feeling chart:
Click here to get one for yourself.

We also track the weather:
This one is free. Go download it here!

And all the record keeping/task tracker goes on a monthly page:
We use this to keep track of chore and the kids have also added their own Olympics inspired goals. I have all 12 months for you right here.

I want to raise kids that are self-aware and not afraid to be honest with themselves.  Honest self-evaluation is something we care about modeling to our kids.  It’s so easy to hide our sin and be ashamed of our weaknesses. It’s also really easy to doubt you can grow and change.  I made the kids these enhancement charts. We can talk about how they are doing in different life areas and in school.  It’s open to interpretation.
Pick 8 things and each one gets a score from 1-10.  In the enhancement box write down ways to improve. I can’t stress this enough – set kids (or yourself) fair and attainable goals.  Set kids up to succeed. Seriously. Kids need to learn to fail with humility and not with helicoptering. For example, one of my kids really struggles with math. Kid is below grade level. I’m setting kid up for failure if I expect kid to memorize multiplication facts when we still have not mastered addition facts.  Just be fair – that’s all I’m saying.
You can find enhancement charts (the ones we are using and a blank template) here.

And finally, character growth. We want to encourage and recognize character growth.
Be Grateful – What are you grateful for today?
Kindness – How was someone kind to you today? How were you kind to someone today?
Patience – What did you have to be patient about today?
Forgiveness – How did you handle conflict today?
Hard work – What did you work really hard on today?
Responsibility – What were you responsible for today?
Color in the circles if you…
– drank plenty of water
– exercised
– made wise choices
– ate a healthy snack
– had good attitude
The best thing about bullet journals is the freedom to organize them in a way makes sense to you.  Also, go crazy and buy some gel pens, twistable colored pencils, and washi tape. I scale them to 85% when printing and put them in composition books.  Keep is simple.