The Family Intern {Janice Reyes Photography – Austin, TX}

Happy Tuesday!

Heather is our family intern. If you have a family and don’t have a family intern you are missing out. Basically, she is incredibly flexible when it comes to hanging out. She has no problem just hanging out our house and being part of the family. My kids love her more than she knows. She is the part of the reason my kids understand community.

Heather helps me stay grounded. It is easy to get lost in parenting and consumed by the demands a toddler. She likes hearing about my kids, but we also talk about everything else.

Thanks for being a willing model! I love what Tiffani did with Heather’s hair and the look Ophelia put together is one of my favorites from the day.

2 thoughts on “The Family Intern {Janice Reyes Photography – Austin, TX}

  1. Every family needs an intern = so true!

    Heather looks beautiful and is probably one of my favorite outfits so far! Great job O!!!! Pic 2 should be used as Heather’s professional head shot.

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